Just an amateur writer who likes to write about many things. I love everything about Gadget, Internet, and Technology. My education background is Petroleum Engineering. That’s why I have a desire to become a “Srikandi Minyak”. I’m not living in a stereotype who says a smart girl never looks pretty. They must never know me. 😀

I’ll never forget my nature as a woman. I also love everything about Fashion and Makeup. My face skin type is dry-combination, sometimes gets sensitive. My face allergic to high percentage of mineral oil and some other oils subtances in cosmetic product. My skin can easily get acne if I use wrong product, not cleansed properly or hormonal imbalance. My body skin type is dry. I often experience dry lips, that’s why I always stock lip care product. My skin color is around medium fair skin with pink shades. My hair type is long black smooth and silky.



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